10 best things to do in Turku, Finland

  1. Eat herring or pea soup with local mustard if you want to try local food delicacies and visit, for example Restaurant Kaskis to enjoy a high-class meal made from local ingredients
  2. Visit Turku Castle and enjoy perhaps the most significant landmark of Finnish history. You can book a guided tour or get to know the castle and its surroundings on your own
  3. Visit the Artisan museum at Luostarinmäki if you want to travel back in time and see what the harsh living conditions used to be like in old Turku
  4. In summer: Visit the market place to buy strawberries, peas and other summertime treats
    In winter: Visit the market hall and buy local products, arts & crafts, and souvenirs
  5. Go shopping at Hansakortteli, with 130+ stores or Shopping Centre Mylly, with 150+ stores
  6. 18+ only: Try local craft beer at Panimoravintola Koulu and Olutravintola Uusi Apteekki, which also boast some of the widest selection of beer in Turku
  7. Architecture and history: Turku City Library, Turku Cathedral, Turku City Hall
  8. Visit Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, an archeology and contemporary art museum that features archeological sites, history and modern art, Forum Marinum Maritime Centre to see several interesting exhibitions about Finnish maritime activities and  sekä Turku Art Museum to check out their versatile art collection and changing exhibitions, music festivals (Ruisrock), concerts and other culture events to support authentic local culture
  9. In summer: Travel the Archipelago trail by bike or by car and enjoy the unique landscape and atmosphere of these small interconnected islands
    In winter: Travel the Turku coastal regions and enjoy the unique landscape and atmosphere
  10. Visit one or all of the four nature destinations in the Turku area, that feature nature trails varying between 2 – 20km to enjoy beautiful, clean, and peaceful nature

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Picture by Markus Koljonen (Dilaudid) - Own work Turku Cathedral.

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