10 best things to do in Oulu, Finland

  1. Eat rössypottu, a truly local food, if you can find some and visit the Toripolliisi restaurant for other traditional local cuisine
  2. In summer: Visit Nallikari Beach and enjoy a beautiful and rare gem, a Finnish oceanic beach. There’s a lot of space at Nallikari so the place doesn’t feel crowded even during the busiest hours.
    In winter: Enjoy the stunning view of the frozen sea and waves. Bring very warm clothes!
  3. Visit Ainolan Puisto, a beautiful and peaceful park in the center of Oulu. Great place for a summer picnic, or for a casual stroll and for taking pictures in winter, #winterwonderland
  4. In summer: Visit the market place and buy local strawberries, peas and other summertime treats
    In winter: Visit the market hall and buy local produce, arts & crafts, and souvenirs. Take a selfie with the Toripolliisi while you’re in that part of the city
  5. Go shopping downtown at Shopping Centre Valkea with 60+ stores or 12km south of Oulu at Shopping Centre Zeppelin with 90+ stores
  6. 18+ only: Try the local craft beer by Sonnisaari Brewery. The best beer selections in Oulu are at Oluthuone Leskinen and Mallaskellari
  7. Architecture and history: City hall and Oulu Cathedral
  8. Visit the Museum and Science Centre Luuppi featuring changing exhibitions and a family-friendly science exhibition at Tietomaa, music festivals (Qstock), concerts (Club Teatria), and other culture events to support authentic local culture
  9. In summer: Visit various nature spots with trails that vary between 1km – 10km. Find out more here (In Finnish)
  10. Take a daytrip to Kemi and Tornio, two cities about 90km from Oulu and very close to the Swedish border. The two cities share a colourful history, and Kemi is the hometown of the Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. You can, for example, literally drive across the border and visit an IKEA in Sweden

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Image by Tume209 - Oma teos, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45294639

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