10 best things to do in Kuopio, Finland

  1. Eat kalakukko & lihapiirakka (meat pie) @ Hanna Partanen's & muikut ja muusi (vendace and mashed potatoes) @ Muikkuravintola Sampo for local delicacies
  2. Visit Puijo, a tall hill right next to the city center and enjoy the view from the tower. Try to time your visit during sunrise or sunset for the best views and best pictures
  3. In summer: Visit the market place for local strawberries, peas, and other summertime treats
    In winter: Visit the market hall for local products, souvenirs, and arts & crafts
  4. Go shopping at Matkus Shopping Center with 80+ stores
  5. Drink craft beer made by local breweries Iso-Kallan Panimo and RPS Brewing. Best beer and wine selection is available at Malja, a beer and wine restaurant
  6. Walk along the cozy alley streets Sorvarinkatu, Niemenkatu and Vahtivuorenkatu. In summer and during the Christmas holidays: Visit Pikku Pietarin torikuja, an idyllic alley with old stables and arts & crafts
  7. In summer: Enjoy Kallavesi by swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding
    In winter: Enjoy Kallavesi by ice swimming, ice fishing, skiing, and skating
  8. Visit museums (The Kuopio Art Museum), music festivals and concerts (Kuopiorock and Henry's Pub), and other culture events to support authentic local culture
  9. Drive along the scenic route from the center to Saaristokaupunki
  10. Take a day trip to Korkeakoski, Seinävuori, Pisa, or Orinoro for exciting nature destinations

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