10 best things to do in Joensuu, Finland

  1. Eat karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pasty), sultsina & karjalanpaisti (Karelian stew) for local delicacies
  2. Visit Koli National Park and enjoy the view from the top. It's one of the most iconic views in Finland and defines Finnish landscape as the "land of a thousand lakes". Go hiking in the Koli region if you have the time, a 1-3 day trip is recommended
  3. In summer: Visit the market place for local strawberries, peas, and other summertime treats
  4. Go shopping at Iso Myy Shopping Center with 60+ stores
  5. 18+ Drink craft beer made by local brewery Honkavuoren Panimo. Best beer selection in Joensuu is at 60’s Palaver
  6. Architecture and beauty: City hall, both churches, a walk along the cozy riverside – it’s especially beautiful after dark
  7. In summer: Enjoy Lake Pielinen by swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding
    In winter: Enjoy Lake Pielinen by ice swimming, ice fishing, skiing, and skating
  8. Visit museums, music festivals (Ilosaarirock) and culture events to support authentic local culture
  9. Go to Kukkosensaari or Utransaari to hike, enjoy untouched nature, and sit at a camp fire
  10. Take a day trip to Ilomantsi which is the easternmost city in Finland or Kitee, home of the Finnish melodic metal band Nightwish and infamous home-made moonshine alcohol now branded as Kiteen Kirkas

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