Father of the Year (2018) "Stereotypes aplenty."

At least the title looks cool with the reflection and all, right?

Remember the times when "A Netflix Original" was like a quality guarantee? You don't even have to dig deep because that statement held true more often than not, let's say three years ago. Then Netflix hit mainstream big time and now it seems they have meetings where they discuss the following question: "Should we buy licenses for movies by other companies or should we hire cheap crews to shoot new ones for ourselves?" Unfortunately for the viewer, they've decided to follow their wallet and "Father of the Year" is a lovechild of Netflix and Happy Madison Productions, the production company by Adam Sandler. He's even managed to squeeze in his wife Jackie Sandler, and I'm sure this choice is not biased at all! What could go wrong?

Well...a lot of things. Especially when the writing is so full of stereotypes that you feel like you're watching something you've seen a thousand times, just sugar coated with bad Adam Sandler type of jokes. The character list in most of its "glory":

Protagonist, a humble and modest guy
Father, a failure at life
Girl next door
Friend, your average soon-to-be army guy
Friend's dad, a wimp
Friend's misbehaving brother, a portrayal of failed parenthood
Sidekick friend, cheap rip-off of Napoleon Dynamite (they actually make a "joke" about that)
2. Sidekick friend, forgotten completely halfway through the movie


Great writing, eh? At this point I have to clarify that I don't like Adam Sandler movies one bit, and if you do then maybe Father of the Year will work for you. For me it didn't. Not one bit. It's one of the worst Netflix Originals I've ever seen. The film tries to be everything and is close to nothing. It's a movie about a father and son rediscovering their relationship, a movie about the protagonist finding the love of his life, and a movie full of swearing and genital humor. There's even the seemingly mandatory drug scene that perhaps at one point when originally introduced in the '90s used to be funny, but now is just yet another screen filler scene. More importantly it goes to show the crumbling morales of American screenwriting where taking MDMA is now the new joke in movies. It seems weed isn't funny enough, so the logical and "genius" solution of the writers is to up the drugs a bit, that sure is funny hehe!




+ At least they didn't have to show it in theatres

+ David Spade and Nat Faxon try their best

+ Dean Winters (Ryan O'Reily from Oz) has a small role so I guess that's a plus

- I sneered three times

- The writing is just so bad. Please Netflix, never hire Tyler Spindel again!

- There's absolutely zero soul in this film


Don't watch this film.



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